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Dispose of Your Non-ferrous Metals Efficiently & Responsibly
Non Ferrous metals

Non-ferrous Metal Recycling

We offer non-ferrous metal collection and recycling, offering fair prices for your scrap. We have all the knowledge and skills to process your metals and help reduce the amount of valuable waste that ends up in landfill. So, get in touch today to arrange a quote.

What Are Non-ferrous Metals?

The term ‘non-ferrous’ applies to any metal or alloy that does not contain iron. This includes a wide range of materials, such as aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, tin and many more. Non-ferrous metals are desirable for a variety of reasons, depending on the specific material. For example, aluminium is used for its low weight and resistance to corrosion, whereas copper is used for its high conductivity.

The widespread use of non-ferrous metals results in a significant amount of scrap, which should be recycled properly to help conserve natural resources and divert waste from landfill. So, to arrange for the collection of your scrap metal, get in touch today.

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Metal Waste Collection

If you are unable to transport your metal waste to our site yourself, then why not arrange for us to come and collect it? We offer a comprehensive scrap metal collection service for both commercial and residential sites across West Wales.

Contact our team today to find out more. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and arrange a collection service on a one-off or regular basis, depending on your requirements. So, whether you’re demolishing a building or running an industrial site, we can support you when it comes to the safe disposal of your metals.

Non Ferrous metals

Conserve Natural Resources & Reduce Landfill

Non-ferrous metals are produced using naturally occurring raw materials, which are limited by nature. They are also typically more costly than ferrous metals such as iron and steel, and even a small quantity of copper or tin can be extremely valuable. As a result, it is important to conserve these materials through effective recycling and repurposing. This has the knock-on effect of reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Recycling your non-ferrous metals is the environmentally sustainable choice. Get in touch to find out more about our collection and recycling service.

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Contact us to get a quote for recycling your non-ferrous scrap metal.

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